Dream Library

Good evening, this is Twilight speaking.

The library has been rather quiet for some time now and I was wondering if anypony needed any help, if anypony is still here that is.

I’ll be at my desk on floor twenty if you have any questions.

RULES (A post by Greeneye)
Okay, so I’ve been letting this run out of hand lately. I’ve really got to keep an eye on my library…I seem to have failed to lay down the rules of this blog…so, here’s a go. (Note: I will update this every now and again as I see fit. If you want to be or are already a part of this blog, please follow and obey these rules).

  • Please do not begin posting anything here until you have an INTRODUCTORY PAGE. Until you have established yourself and your character (along with your floors) what you post will not remain on the blog.
  • This is a role-play blog; no personal posts will go on this blog unless relevant to the blog itself.
  • THERE SHALL BE NO, AND I DO MEAN ‘NO’, posts of pornographic (EVEN LIGHTLY PORNOGRAPHIC) content on this blog. Of any sexual orientation. I want a good, CLEAN blog here. 
  • Artistic nudes are allowed, but those posts have to be run by me for checking.
  • Everyone is to be friendly to everyone else while out of character. Any differences that need to be settled will be mediated by myself. I want a people-friendly blog.

I am Klarion Bleak, your Deputy Librarian, head of Floor 17 and co-head of the Occult department.

Floor 17 consists of every type of comic known to the modern world. You will find everything from today’s popular super-heroes to the obscurity of Johnny the Homicidal Maniac (a personal favorite of mine). In addition to the American comics, you will find Japanese manga, Korean manhwa, and maybe a few other foreign treasure.

The 13th floor, as described by Greeneye, specializes in the Occult. My personal forte would be the Dark Arts and Sorcery, so feel free to consult me with any curiosities about such things if Greeneye can’t be found.

*glances down upon feeling a warmth against his leg, picks the cat up and strokes its fur*

Ah, yes, and this here is my darling little familiar, Teekl. You’ll likely see him with me or prowling around between the 13th and 17th Floors. Treat him nicely, as he is my eyes and ears in places where I am not physically present.

Good evening everypony…

My name is Twilight Sparkle. I’m the librarian in charge of floors ten and twenty of the Dream Library. 

Floor ten is all about one of my favorite things, technology. Though technology can’t always compare to magic, sometimes it can surpass it in unpredictable ways. Computers, video games, or even something as simple as a clock. There is information on anything here on floor ten… well… anything except time travel. Some guy in a long brown coat ran in and stole those books one day… never saw him again. Anyways! If you listen then you will here the endless 8bit symphony that flows through these corridors. It seems to never repeat as it beeps in the way that only a Nintendo Entertainment System can.

Floor twenty is all about references. Dictionaries, Thesaurus, maps, even a couple of Pokedex. There is really no other way to describe it other that pointing out the concerto to be heard on this floor. Here you will be treated to relaxing orchestra music filled with the calming sound of violins and cellos.

I hope to see all of you soon. I’m here most of the time, but sometime I have to go take care of something for the Princess. I’m glad to help if you need it.


Alright, Let me explain the game…

I am the Head Librarian, Greeneye Emberkin. You will very rarely see me, but I mainly govern the 13th and fourth floors. That being said, if somebody asks to speak to me, I prefer to do so in person.

The Fourth Floor is dedicated to Prohibition eras primarily and History in general. It is styled to look like 1920-30’s Speak-Easies, so it has a warm and fun air to it. It is also the only floor of the library that serves alcohol. The music style that plays on this floor is generally Jazz and Swing.

The 13th floor is dedicated to Horror, Suspense, Mystery, and the Occult. It has a Red-and-Black theme to it, and houses My Office. Some say that this floor is haunted…the music on this floor varies from Hard Rock to Classical to Symphonic Metal depending on the mood of the day, and sometimes the music will just randomly change…

Hiya, guys!


I’m making up an RP blog called The Dreamer’s Library. Anyone and everyone is allowed to join in, but there are only a few slots available for Librarians and Staff. There will be 11 librarians, each with one or two floors to them, and I don’t know how many other staff members there will be. Along with that will be regular Patrons, too, so there are plenty of roles for you to, well, play.

I myself am the Head Librarian.

Welcome to my Library.